Five years ago I had a severe rupture in a relationship that was meaningful to me. My life was changed drastically because of it, I was very hurt and suffered many loses. I felt oppressed and had terrible temptations towards hatred and bitterness, these temptations added to my suffering.
Through sacraments and prayer I received inner healing and accepted that I would never be able to recover my life, but I desired fraternal reconciliation and deeper graces of Christ’s forgiveness for me and the other person.
I tried to make gentle approaches toward this person and I entrusted everything to St. Therese but nothing seemed to be moving.
I came across Blsd. Marie-Eugene through the School of Mary. I had never heard of him! I decided to pray his prayer of intercession, so that he could intercede for me with St. Therese to obtain a reconciliation. My logic was that 2 holy French people pushing in the same direction, are better than one! And if for some reason St. Therese was crossed with me, since Blsd Marie-Eugene was her friend he might be able to convince her that my cause was worthy.
Forgive me if this is not a good way to pray, but already on the third day of the prayer I received a short communication from this person. To me it was a ‘little step’ toward the reconciliation my heart desired, and an answer to prayer.
Thank you Blsd Marie-Eugene of the Child Jesus.